Excited to challenge my creativity this year with the 52 project. I can't wait to look back over the year and see the growth and progress my boys have made. At the end of the year, I plan to create a book of the year's photos. It will also be a special keepsake for our children one day to see how they looked looked through my eyes. There is nothing like embarking on a new creative journey, especially when you have support.  I'm happy that my talented friend, Aspen ReneĆ© Cross is kicking off her 52 project as well, so we can cheer each other along. I hope you will follow us on this journey and even start a project of your own. 

a photo of my boys once a week in 2016

Zollie: my night owl
Kingston: wakes up every morning and says, "hey kitty kitty" to his little brother
Kit: spaghetti is his new favorite food