a photo of my boys once a week in 2016

Zollie: Talks about his birthday daily.  It's going to be a long 2 months. 
Kingston: Stands up to pee now. 
Kit: Turned 1!


a photo of my boys once a week in 2016

Zollie: "Mommy have you ever been on a date?"
Kingston: (comforting Zollie) "Don't worry Zollie, it will be okay, we will figure it out." 
Kit: "I want to get up/out." His new favorite phrase + he now jumps on the bed.


a photo of my boys every week in 2016

I almost wanted to redo this week's photos b/c technically, they aren't my favorite. The lighting in my home isn't ideal, especially at the hour we took these photos, but then I remembered: this project isn't about me. It's for my boys, I want to preserve these memories for them and our life isn't perfect, so the photos don't need to be either.  

Zollie: Big brother torture mode is in full effect, but so is teaching mode
Kingston: All about telling people what a great job they did on the potty. "wow! great job mommy, that was a big one."
Kit: On the move. This guy started walking this week! (my mommy heart can't take this)


a photo of my boys once a week in 2016

Zollie: "bowling is when you have a heavy ball and you try to knock all the white things down, that's bowling... from the kid who has never bowled
Kingston: puzzle obsessed
Kit: bird watching


a photo of my boys once a week in 2016

Zollie: Snow is officially is favorite thing. Oh, and his baby brother Kit. Can you say all the kisses? 
Kingston: Eating snow is his favorite thing. Actually, eating every ting is his thing. Food is his def his love language. 
Kit: A little peeved that he couldn't play in the snow. But he did watch from the window and grunt loudly.


a photo of my boys once a week in 2016

Zollie: Told Daddy, "I like asking questions." He ain't never lied..breaking out our friend Google. 
Kingston: Asked to go to the potty this week and actually went plus kept it up all week. We are elated. Way to potty train yourself, kid.
Kit: Me: "Don't hit, Kit. That's not nice" Him: Black stare...waits a few seconds...proceeds to smack me repeatedly in the face. 


Excited to challenge my creativity this year with the 52 project. I can't wait to look back over the year and see the growth and progress my boys have made. At the end of the year, I plan to create a book of the year's photos. It will also be a special keepsake for our children one day to see how they looked looked through my eyes. There is nothing like embarking on a new creative journey, especially when you have support.  I'm happy that my talented friend, Aspen Reneé Cross is kicking off her 52 project as well, so we can cheer each other along. I hope you will follow us on this journey and even start a project of your own. 

a photo of my boys once a week in 2016

Zollie: my night owl
Kingston: wakes up every morning and says, "hey kitty kitty" to his little brother
Kit: spaghetti is his new favorite food