Moments worth capturing happen EVERY DAY. Document it ALL. The messy the imperfect....the MEMORABLE. Your family will thank you. You will THANK yourself.

Why choose me? 

I know you have many options when choosing an artist for your portraits. Just know that for me, you are not just another session. This is not about adding sessions to my calendar. It's about my desire to get to know you and make meaningful images for you and your family. 

What gets me excited

I celebrate the individual, the unique, the quirky. And it's your uniqueness that makes me so very excited to meet you and document your everyday. Outside of being your photographer, I am passionate about helping you realize just how special you are.  I want every person that I photograph to feel connected to the images I produce. This takes some work from both us, but if you allow it, the outcome is a story that can only be told from your point of view.

The process

We will likely begin with an email conversation, which leads to a phone call where we chat about your goals for the photo session. If you've seen my portfolio or have been following me for a while, you know that I love to prefer to capture moments over poses; I will educate you more on my approach and answer any questions. Once we are done chatting, I'll send you my client guide that lays out pricing, collections and a step-by-step outline of our time together.  

If you are ready to book (it's alright if you aren't...we have plenty of time to get to know one another) you pay the deposit, select your collection and we begin the real work, crafting a session that is authentic to you. To do this, I have you and everyone involved in the session fill out a questionnaire and personalty worksheet. This step is integral to learning more about what we will document during our time together. After you've filled it out, we chat again (we are basically BFFs by now) or I come over and meet you in person and we put together a session that showcases your individuality and reflects your everyday life. 

The session

I'm down to photograph you in any place that's special to you, but home sessions are my favorite. Think about the place you feel most comfortable, at home, right? It's where you and your children are most relaxed, it's your safe space. Being around your things gives us so much to talk about and those details really make the session unique to you. During the session, I’ll take my time observing and capturing moments as they naturally unfold. It might seem weird at first to have someone photograph you in this way,  but I'm not the fly on the wall type;  I'll be interacting with you the entire time and eventually, you'll forget the camera is there. We've already done the work up front, so now all you have to do is be YOU.

Are we a good fit? 

My client is drawn to artistic  images that capture the beauty and rawness of the every day life.  Perfectly posed photos aren’t my thing, so if you feel slightly uncomfortable or awkward behind the camera, I get it. This might seem weird, but I actually feel the same way about being photographed, which is why I take my time to make sure you are comfortable. I can sense when you are feeling on edge about the photos and in these moments, I'll know just what to do. 


Session begin at $350. Contact me for complete pricing. Payment plans/options are available, inquire for terms. 

A travel fee of .60 per mile will be assessed for areas outside the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Still have questions? 

I answer frequently asked questions here