the Sisul family | Washington, DC

I spent half the day with Kristina and her beautiful family. We both have three boys and I loved seeing the similarities of our families. But, we were also very different and that's the best part. I've never photographed a family who was exactly the same. I spend a great deal of time and attention to make sure that your individuality is reflected in your session and the final images. Each experience is completely unique which makes the photos so much more special.

This is my first fusion slideshow  and I loved being able to bring their photos to life with some video snippets from our time together. It was a pleasure to capture the essence of this wonderful family. 

I’m tearing up! I’ve now watched this a million times! You captured each one of us perfectly. I can’t thank you enough. These moments are priceless. 
— Kristina Sisul

childhood unplugged

This year we want to do more exploring at home. I always feel so silly when I have friends and relatives who visit and they do all of the touristy things. Meanwhile, I live here, but never take advantage of all the great things home has to offer. I often complain about not being able to travel or have amazing weather like FL or CA, but I am living in a city rich in culture and history and don’t take advantage of it.

It doesn't help that we've been in a rut. Staying in has been our thing lately. Between Aaron’s back injury and surgery, cold weather and a lack of sheer energy to logistically plan an outing with three kids, our excursions have been non-existent.

When an unseasonably warm winter day hit our radar, we decided to head down to the National Mall and play tourist. 

We a great time and best of all we were only there for about 30 minutes and in a way it was better than vacation because we can come back and visit again whenever we like. 

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