dad time | documenting the joy of fatherhood

Photographing my husband with our kids has been my absolute favorite thing in my journey as a photographer. Documenting our lives and their bond has been extremely fulfilling for me. I love watching my husband parent, he can be strong and stern, but also heartfelt and gentle. 

In honor of father's day, I have compiled a few of my own personal  favorite fatherhood images of my husband and boys (and included a few of my clients as well).

I love the laid-back approach that comes with photographing fathers with their children especially during documentary/storytelling sessions. Often, they are so relived that they don't have to smile at the camera for an hour. Dads feel more comfortable in front of the camera when they are doing something( the whole “standing there” that is a bit unnerving and uncomfortable). 

This weekend document, the dads in you life as they are. Think of an activity dad can focus on versus the camera.  It can be something as simple as a conversation or a hug. You will not regret the results.