childhood unplugged | last days of summer

Summer is over, the boys are two weeks into school and I only checked off one thing on my summer bucket list. 

The day before the boys went back to school, we made sure to have one last family outing. I took the time to revel over how big they had gotten in over the past few weeks, how independent they have become and how each of their individual personalities  seemed to shine a bit more.

Summer is magical because of the weather, the freedom and the possibility, but it's also a magical a time for growth and reflection; so while we may not have but a dent in any of things I wanted to do,  I don't regret it. Doing "nothing" meant that my children had the time to spend find themselves to dive deeply into their tiny head with out interference. They got creative, they played, stayed up late and were still happy to see one other the next morning. 

Next summer I"ll write another bucket list, but this time, we'll get two things cheeked off :)

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