childhood unplugged

Every once in a while we take Route 17 to DC from Virginia after visiting Aaron's mom. We mostly do it to avoid traffic, but we really should make it a regular occurrence. This city family doesn't get the taste of rural life often enough. Zollie enjoyed it the most. He said "I want to run," and ran all the way up the dirt road and back with a huge smile on his face. This made me happy, but also a tad bit guilty that we don't have more space for the boys to roam free and explore.  But then I remembered that guilt is a sentiment I try to stay away from, especially when it comes to parenting. So, I sat back, smelled the fresh air, admired the miles and miles of green space and then we got in the car and went home. My boys barely noticed or mentioned difference b/c children are like that; they adapt to their surroundings wherever they go.  I love that about childhood. 

So excited to be the newest contributor over at Childhood Unplugged (read my feature here). I've been a fan of this feed for several years and very honored they asked me to be part of such a wonderful movement to document the art of play. 

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