childhood unplugged

What homebodies these boys have become, even when we aren't technically "at home." We spent Thanksgiving at Aaron's mom's house and I suggested we head to the local farm close by to explore. I thought it would be nice to take them out since the weather was still pretty warm despite it being late November.

Instead, I only got attitude (see 2nd photo as proof), objections, plus REAL tears guys. So we stayed 'in' and spent some time playing in Grannie's backyard with a few pouts from me b/c I wanted to get them out of the house. Eventually, I got myself together and my outlook changed when I thought about our path to homeownership in the next year. I'm really looking forward to finding and creating a space that will feel comforting and permanent b/c I don't always feel that way in our current space. Instead, it feels like something is missing. These days I'm really craving stability, a place to establish roots and memories. I need that just as much as my kids do. And now this month's' CU post has officially turned into motherhood  unplugged. Until next time...

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