I'm Leslie and I live in Washington, DC with my husband, Aaron and our three boys, Zollie, Kingston and Kit. 

I'm one of those people who smiles at you when you're walking down the street. When you smile back, it makes my day. I believe each person was created to use their talents and passion to bless others and photography I have found, is my way of doing just that. In my heart, I was a photographer for many years, but I never thought I was creative enough to pursue that passion. It burned inside me for quite some time until I had children and I decided to purchase a camera. I told my husband it was to document our children’s lives, but knew in my heart it would become so much more to me. I don’t photograph people, places or things, I photograph the way they make me feel.  I love people and I’m inspired by the simplicity of the everyday; it is my absolute favorite thing to document.   I aim to capture the human condition in all it’s glory;  laughter, tears, scabbed knees—these are all a part of life. 

Random facts about me:

I almost always have on a hat. 
I waited to find out the gender of my kids. The anticipation is like nothing else you've felt!
Pizza is my favorite.
Baked goods will be my downfall.
One day I will meet Solange and dance with her on stage.
I studied fashion in Paris. It was only for a summer, but I still miss it.  
I have an obsession with eyebrows and if you have good ones, I'll be sure to tell you and admire from afar.
I am saved by grace.
Flowers and good cries are like therapy.
A belly laugh is good for the soul.
The beach is my happy place. 
I'm an imperfect mess (and I love it)
Your story inspires me.